Romantic Places In Delhi

Be it Valentine’s Day mush or birthday of your loved once, lovers would want to enjoy each other’s company far from the madding crowd, or at least not in direct vision of prying eyes. So where are the romantic places in Delhi? Read on…

Jumbo Point: This Hot spot near the domestic airport used to be a favourite with lovers, but its popularity dipped after frequent security checks. Now that things have slowed down, you can see couples enjoying the flights land/take off or simply gaze at the runway lights. Beware of the cops though, who may give you a hard time.

IIT Market: Official name: SDA market. On first glance you would probably dism-iss this market as a place fit for IIT-ians taking a break, but move a little beyond the Rainbow Pastry shop, after 7 p.m. and find people taking time off to ‘compare notes!’

The Parking lots of Wave, DT Cinemas: Watching romantic movies together is out. GenNow prefers to snuggle up during cartoon shows (as most of the hall remains empty) or move over to the parking lots for some serious discussion, well!

The Stretch near Sahara restaurant and Pluto’s: After you’ve had your meal or share of partying, this stretch offers the right environment for a leisurely stroll with your mate. Minimal traffic, no loud noise or fear of uncles and auntyjis snooping.

Parthasarthy Rocks, JNU: This is the place for eternal romantics, at least as far as JNU students are concerned. Of late the place has come under the eyes of the authorities, but see if that scares you from the lush green surroundings. But you want to avoid being labelled, a walk on the Ring Road in JNU campus, should be just fine.

Greater Kailash, N-Block Market: It’s a nice, placid market after the rush hour. Unlike its more talked about neighbour (M-block market) this one is quiet, has very few onlookers and gives you enough space to get cosy with your beloved.

Pragati Maidan: Whatever may be the theme for the exhibitions that are held around the year in Pragati Maidan, you will always see lots of couples in the vicinity, obviously, not because they are interested in the carpet expo or the handicrafts of India bit. A film at Shakuntalam could also be a good choice. Or else there’s enough greenery around to rest your eyes. Just remember not to offend sensibilities though!

The Supper Factory/ Café Red Bricks, East of Kailash: Only couple entry, isn’t that good news by itself. Take a walk into the restaurant early afternoon and you would find loads of these just-in-college couples enjoying the mushy sounds of music and snuggling close, too close at times for comfort. Dim lights also help things a lot. This place is perfect and pocket-friendly for GenNow who also find the atmosphere congenial for a little love talk. Coming to the other joint, the smokers’ zone of the café is thronged by young lovers, who can safely chit-chat behind the light tinted glasses of the cubicles. To make things even greater is the music selection .

The Pyramids, Asiad Village: Unofficially called, this place is about a few steps and some electric stations all around. But let that not scare you. As the steps are reportedly occupied by couples who usually believe in minding their own business and letting the others around them breathe and love too.

Dilli Haat: If you are thinking of loving in public places, Dilli Haat is definitely one of the most preferred places. Take a stroll around the stretch between the Bengal and the Naga Pavilion early afternoon and see youngsters getting high on planet love. And the Naga stall has some amazing music playing, so have a swell time.

Steps near Priya Cinema: The Basant Lok Complex and Priya Cinema have for long been regarded as the best places for twosomes. After a movie or a meal, you could head towards the steps behind Priya or fountain (that never functions) near the Nirula’s.

Lovers’ Lane, Vasant Kunj: If we tell you the exact whereabouts, there will be a crowd there. So just go on straight to the main Vasant Kunj road, down a first few blocks and find the latest and the most recent addition to the Delhi love nests. (Hint: There are a few school buildings near the lovers’ lane.).

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